Best dog bath, brush-outs, comb-outs, nail clipping, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, and trimming in Orinda, Lafayette, and Moraga, CA. 

Bath and Tidy

Priced according to size and breed

  • We use the best shampoo and conditioner for your dog's skin and coat
  • High powered drying units to help straighten a curly coat and blow out a loose undercoat
  • Cage drying with heat sensors
  • Brush-outs and comb-outs to keep away those matts!
  • Nail clipping or dremeling
  • Anal gland check and expression if needed 
  • Ear cleaning 
  • Paw pads and feet trimmed (according to breed type)
  • Face trimmed (according to breed type)
  • Additional fee for fleas, matting, and behavior