Why Choose Us?

We are a small and open salon making sure every dog gets the individual time and breaks they need to make the grooming experience as enjoyable as possible. We provide a variety of Wash, Haircut, and Add-On services including features such as:

  • Top of the line shampoo and conditioner for every different type of coat
  • High powered drying units to help straighten a curly coat and blow out a loose undercoat
  • Cage drying with heat sensors
  • Nail trimming 
  • Anal glands
  • Sanitary trimming
  • Brush-outs and comb-outs to keep away those matts!
  • Face and feet trimmed
  • Full haircuts (Not always accepting new haircut dogs due to limited space and time, however please call and ask us!)
  • Nail painting (optional of course)

I highly recommend this salon, my dog looked great after her treatment. The staff is very nice to the dogs and puts them at ease. Prices are very reasonable. I’ve been there several times and was happy every time.
— La Reina D.


Best dog bath, brush-outs, comb-outs, nail clipping, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, and trimming in Orinda, Lafayette, and Moraga, CA. 

Bath and Tidy

Priced according to size and breed

  • We use the best shampoo and conditioner for your dog's skin and coat
  • High powered drying units to help straighten a curly coat and blow out a loose undercoat
  • Cage drying with heat sensors
  • Brush-outs and comb-outs to keep away those matts!
  • Nail clipping or dremeling
  • Anal gland check and expression if needed 
  • Ear cleaning 
  • Paw pads and feet trimmed (according to breed type)
  • Face trimmed (according to breed type)
  • Additional fee for fleas, matting, and behavior


Best dog groomer and dog grooming for breed-specific pattern cuts for toy dogs, large dogs, poodle haircuts, shih-tzu haircuts, yorkie haricuts in Orinda, Lafayette, and Moraga.

Full Groom

Priced according to size and breed

  • Everything included in our bath and tidy plus...
  • Full body haircut according to breed, coat, and owners preference
  • Specific breed pattern cuts
  • Additional fees for fleas, matting, and behavior



    Best dog groomer in Contra Costa County, offering hair dying for dogs, airbrush stencil, nail clipping, dremelling, and polish for dogs, getting rid of fleas, matts, tear stains, skunk smell, and shedding.

    Temporary airbrush stencil

    $10- $25+

    Festive party or fun event? Why not add a temporary stencil using Pet Paint or Airbrush? Pet Paint is a pet safe hair color spray for dogs that will fade off in a few hours or you can wipe it off. Our pet-safe airbrush ink will spray on and stay for a day or two then can be wiped off with rubbing alcohol.

    Semi-Permanente Color

    Ears $10-20, Tails $10-30

    Using pet safe semi perm color we can color on light colored dogs. Pricing depending on hair thickness and amount of colors used.



    • Nail Clipping $15
    • Dremeling $20
    • If we need to use 2 people $25
    • Nail polish- $10 front feet, $20 all four feet
      Nail color applied for dogs with short coats

    Deluxe Spa Package


    Let us pamper your pup with our foaming Cranberry facial scrub, Helps diminish tear stains and helps keep their face looking and smelling fresh. Also choose a scent spray to be sprayed on your dog.

    Whitening package

    $15 - $30

    Using our top of the line safe sterling silver whitening shampoo from Sweden. We will scrubs your dog the let it sit for 10 minuetes to get your dog sparking white again!



    Special Furminator shampoo and conditioner. Each remains on your dog for 10 minutes. We blow the conditioner in using our high-velocity dryer to really loosen and remove the dead undercoat.

    Epsom or Dead sea salt foot soaks


    Does your dog have sore feet? Dry, scaly, itchy feet? Cracked paws? Let us give them a nice relaxing Epsom or Dead Sea Salt Soak. Depending on the dog's needs we will pick which one best suits your dog. At the end of your dog's bath we will soak their feet, so the minerals will soak deeply into their feet.

    Skunk bath


    We will use our skunk shampoo to help make the smell of Skunk a bit more bearable for everyone!

    Flea Bath - Mandatory if fleas are found on your dog


    We will use our orange-based shampoo to scrub and soak on your dog, not only leaving your dog smelling fresh, but also killing and repelling the fleas on your dog. Please don't forget to give your dog regular flea and tick medication!

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