Why Choose Us?

We are a small and open salon making sure every dog gets the individual time and breaks they need to make the grooming experience as enjoyable as possible. We provide a variety of Wash, Haircut, and Add-On services including features such as:

  • Top of the line shampoo and conditioner for every different type of coat
  • High powered drying units to help straighten a curly coat and blow out a loose undercoat
  • Cage drying with heat sensors
  • Nail trimming 
  • Anal glands
  • Sanitary trimming
  • Brush-outs and comb-outs to keep away those matts!
  • Face and feet trimmed
  • Full haircuts (Not always accepting new haircut dogs due to limited space and time, however please call and ask us!)
  • Nail painting (optional of course)

I highly recommend this salon, my dog looked great after her treatment. The staff is very nice to the dogs and puts them at ease. Prices are very reasonable. I’ve been there several times and was happy every time.
— La Reina D.