We give each pup as much time and love as they need to be happy and comfortable during their grooming experience!

We pride ourselves in being a small shop, giving us ample time to work individually with each dog that walks through our doors. We are located in Orinda, CA and open Tuesday through Friday 8 A.M. - 2 P.M. as well as two Saturdays a month!  Orinda Grooming is owned and operated by Lindsay Judson. 

Please call us at (925) 254-1662 with any inquiries on availability and pricing, we are more than happy to help you with anything we can.

Lindsay Judson is the owner of Orinda Grooming and the best dog groomer in Orinda, Lafayette, and Moraga. She is a dog grooming specialists for many breeds including dobermans, poodles, yorkies, small toy dogs, golden retrievers, huskies, and shi-tzus. 

Lindsay Judson

When I was in high school I started volunteering at a local animal rescue foundation Saturday mornings.  My biggest job was bathing dogs to clean them up so they looked and smelled nice for potential adopters. This was my start to dog bathing and I loved the feeling of taking these shelter dogs and cleaning them up to help them feel better and find homes. I got some paying work bathing dogs at a few salons after school and on weekends. I knew in my heart I wanted a career working with animals. I also worked as a Vet Assistant and at a boarding and daycare kennel, but I always got pulled back to dog bathing. I got my job working at Orinda Grooming as a bather a few years after high school. I worked for the owner as a bather for a few years before she told me she wanted to retire, and offered me the business and to train me. I purchased Orinda Grooming, May 2011. I love being able to keep dogs clean and feeling good, not to mention always searching and researching for the best products for skin and coat. I'm also an ongoing member of the National Association Of Professional Creative Groomers, where we focus on safe creative grooming and natural remedys for skin and coat care. I regularly attend webinars and seminars to widen my knowledge of canine skin, coat, handling and behavior. I am also certified in Canine CPR.

Orinda Grooming and Lindsay Judson is a member of the NAPCG National Association of Professional Creative Groomers LLC, and is located in Orinda, California.


  • We have a 24 hour cancelation policy. All missed appointments will be charged a No-Show fee which is the full price of the appointment.  We do understand that things come up. We just ask for as much notice as possible. 
  • Drop-off is at 8am for haircut clients, drop-offs later then 8:30am may result in a late fee or losing your appointment and being charged our No-Show fee.
  • Drop-off is between 8am and 9am for Bath and Tidy clients. Drop-offs later then 9:30am may result in a late fee or losing your appointment and being charged our No-Show fee.
  • We charge a rush fee of $20 for any pickups before 12:30pm.
  • Pick-up time will be discussed when you drop your dog off in the morning. If you are late for the pick up time that is decided upon without letting us know, you will be charged a late fee. 
  • Any pickups after 2pm will be charged a $1 per minute. 
  • If fleas are found on your dog, they will be given a flea bath and charged our flea bath price.
  • Per the groomers discretion, if the matting is to tight to brush out safely without causing discomfort to your dog, they will have to be cut as short as necessary to safely remove the matting.  
  • If your dog has exhibited signs of illness (i.e. coughing, vomiting, diarrhea , etc) within 24 hours of your appointment, please call us to reschedule. We want to avoid spreading any illness to other dogs in our care.
  • We accept cash or check only


Orinda Grooming is one of our three boys’ favorite places to visit. Every Thursday morning, we tell them that they will be getting their baths. The immediately go crazy, and they can ‘t wait for me to open the car door to see Lindsay and Jessie!! They are the only dogs in my long life who LIKE to see the groomers!!
— Marnie Raymond